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FAQ Find Person Switzerland


How long does an inquiry take?
It depends. From 2 days to 3 weeks, but generally less than 1 week.

Is there a public database with the data of the Swiss registry offices?

Do you provide Data from White Pages?
We do not use White Pages for search and verification. Anyway, if you could locate some person in White Pages, and the address is correct and most current, you do not need our or detective services.

Why is the inquiry so costly?
First, because of Swiss Market, and second, in contrast to other providers, we are up to 75% cheaper because this is Webservice. If you need field or cyber investigative services, please write to or visit our page Investigator for more information.

What if the person has deceased?
In this case, you receive information about the deceased, together with the date of death.

What if the person I'm looking for has since married and his/her name is different, or if the person changed his name for some other reason?
A change of name represents no problem at all. Apart from the address, you also receive an update on both the first and last name of the person in question, provided he or she has changed it.

Can you give me a 100% guarantee that I will always receive the correct and most current address?
Yes and no. We do not check the address on site. We only forward you the data that we receive from specialized and official government data sources. If you need address search and at the same time the site verification service and/or surveillance services, please write to or visit our page Investigator for more information.


What does Artificial Intelligence (AI) say about Find Person Switzerland services?







What is the Lawful basis?

Find Person Switzerland as a Webservice processes the Personal Data based on the legitimate interest of itself and its customers.

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