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Find Person Switzerland
Private Investigators & Detective Agencies


If you do not need to find a person in Switzerland via Webservice and prefer to engage with Private Investigator Office or Private Detective Agency, so they can help you in integral search of the addresses of persons and people living and working in Switzerland and Liechtenstein we will give our recommendations.

You may search a family member, schoolmate, debtor, fraudster, business partner, future family member, etc. and we are recommending top three Swiss agencies:
1) Private Investigator Switzerland  (English Website)
2) Swiss Detective Agency (English Website)
3) Private Detective Agency Switzerland (English Website)

They can provide you not only address search, they are open for physical address verification on site, surveillance services as well as other connected services like Cyber Investigation, Due Diligence, Background Check or Asset Tracing & Verification. Please contact them with your Request via OnlineForm (Webform), E-Mail, WhatsApp or simple a Call.


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